Sure, here are 20 profitable micro-niche ideas in the Business and Entrepreneurship industry, specifically targeting entrepreneurs, solepreneurs, SMBs, and creators who want to focus on virtual or tangible product skills:

1. “Product Launch Blueprint for Entrepreneurs”
– A comprehensive course that guides entrepreneurs through the process of launching their own physical or digital products, from idea generation to marketing and sales strategies.

2. “Instagram Marketing Mastery for Solepreneurs”
– An online course that teaches solepreneurs how to effectively leverage Instagram to grow their businesses, including content creation, engagement strategies, and monetization techniques.

3. “The Art of Crowdfunding: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creators”
– A course tailored to creators who want to fund their projects through crowdfunding platforms, covering campaign planning, video creation, reward structuring, and campaign promotion.

4. “Etsy Seller Success Academy”
– An educational platform that provides aspiring and existing Etsy sellers with courses, resources, and tools to optimize their Etsy shops and increase sales.

5. “Virtual Assistant Training for Small Business Owners”
– A training program specifically designed for small business owners who want to hire and manage virtual assistants to streamline their operations and increase productivity.

6. “YouTube Content Monetization Strategies for Creators”
– This course focuses on helping creators monetize their YouTube channels through various strategies, such as ad revenue, sponsored content, brand partnerships, and merchandise sales.

7. “eCommerce SEO Masterclass for SMBs”
– A comprehensive course that teaches small and medium-sized businesses how to optimize their websites for search engines, increasing organic traffic and driving more sales.

8. “Podcasting for Entrepreneurs: From Concept to Launch”
– A step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs who want to start their own podcasts, covering equipment setup, content creation, editing, hosting, and monetization strategies.

9. “The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for Solepreneurs”
– This comprehensive guide provides solepreneurs with all the information they need to start and run a successful dropshipping business, including product selection, supplier sourcing, website setup, and marketing techniques.

10. “Branding and Design Essentials for SMBs”
– A course that helps small and medium-sized businesses develop a strong brand identity, including logo design, color palettes, typography, and brand messaging.

11. “Affiliate Marketing Mastery for Entrepreneurs”
– An in-depth course that teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage affiliate marketing to generate passive income, covering niche selection, affiliate program research, content creation, and conversion optimization.

12. “Membership Site Launch Formula for Creators”
– A step-by-step guide that walks creators through the process of creating and launching their own membership sites, including content planning, pricing strategies, and member retention techniques.

13. “Digital Product Creation Bootcamp for Solepreneurs”
– This bootcamp-style program helps solepreneurs create and launch their own digital products, such as ebooks, online courses, templates, and software tools, providing guidance on content creation, sales funnels, and marketing strategies.

14. “LinkedIn Networking Strategies for Business Owners”
– A course that teaches business owners how to effectively network and build connections on LinkedIn, including profile optimization, content creation, and engagement tactics.

15. “Amazon FBA Mastery for SMBs”
– This comprehensive course guides small and medium-sized businesses through the process of selling products on Amazon using the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program, covering product sourcing, inventory management, listing optimization, and advertising strategies.

16. “Freelance Writing Business Blueprint for Entrepreneurs”
– A blueprint that helps entrepreneurs build a successful freelance writing business, covering niche selection, client acquisition, pricing strategies, and effective writing techniques.

17. “Pinterest Marketing Secrets for Creators”
– A course that teaches creators how to harness the power of Pinterest to drive traffic and sales to their websites or online stores, covering profile optimization, pin creation, group boards, and SEO strategies.

18. “Digital Marketing Fundamentals for SMBs”
– A comprehensive course that provides small and medium-sized businesses with a solid foundation in digital marketing, covering topics such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising.

19. “Content Monetization Strategies for Entrepreneurs”
– This course focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how to monetize their content through various channels, such as sponsored content, brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, and digital products.

20. “Print-on-Demand Business Launchpad for Creators”
– A step-by-step guide for creators who want to start their own print-on-demand business, covering product selection, design creation, platform setup, and marketing strategies.

In terms of who you can help, you can target individuals who are interested in starting their own business, entrepreneurs who want to scale their business through online courses, educators who want to transition to online teaching, and professionals who want to learn new skills to advance their careers. You can also target non-profit organizations, small businesses, and healthcare providers who are looking to educate their members, employees, or patients through online courses.